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Let us pack your surgery reovery bag for you. Everything that you can possibly need will be in the bag. You will be well prepped for your recovery.

Post-op List


✓Bath cloths

✓Pineapple tea

✓Nausea bag x2

✓Female urinal

✓Lysol wipes

✓Neck pillow

✓Stool softeners


✓Flushable wipe & poop Feminine


✓Eye mask

✓Hand sanitizer

✓Arnica gel

✓Extra strength Tylenol

✓Arnica pills

✓Lipo foams

✓Lipo abdominal board

✓Medical Absorbent bed pads x10


✓Cough drops

✓Arnica tea

✓Dial soap

✓Hibeclens soap

✓Shower curtain disposable

✓Compression socks


✓Disposable gloves


✓Shower curtain


✓Pineapple juice


Post-op Bag

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